Nissan GT-R by Vossen

17 Jun 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Miami custom wheel specialists Vossen have always impressed us with their cool looking products, and ‘m quite a few of those smooth rides passing us by on the streets are riding on their products. Vossen has recently launched a new set of race-ready alloys, called VFS-2, and what better way to promote them than being featured on a Nissan GT-R, and what an awesome Nissan it is!

This particular GT-R is a rear-wheel drive conversion built by South Side Performance and featuring Catless down pipes, Catless Y-Pipe and a catback race exhaust for better breathing. Also fitted onto the car are a new inter-cooler, throttle body spacers, Kaizen Tuning Sakura Performance intake package and UPIC pipes, 1000 cc fuel injectors and Cobb Access Port. Had enough?

The agic numbers state about 605 rwhp and 598 lb-ft of torque, which means this ride is perfect for drifting. The Nissan was equipped with 5-way adjustable race suspension, massive 400 mm brake rotors with Carbotech XP-16 racing brake pads; the tuner also upgraded the sway bars, control arms and installed a lift kit to ensure all those awesome carbon fiber bits are kept safe. Oh, and by the way: that incredible purple finish is not vinyl wrap but plasti-dip, sprayed onto the car. And everytinh is topped off by the 20-inch Vossen VF2 wheels, wrapped in Toyo Proxes performance rubber. Bloody marvelous!