Nissan GT-R Convertible by NCE

26 Feb 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Now, most of you are aware of the fact that most convertible editions of high-performance cars are far less desirable due to obvious and simple reasons: the added weight and the structural integrity issues, not to mention stability and driving experience. Which means that, the faster a car is, the more apparent these shortcomings become.

If we’re talking fast, we cant forget that few standard production models can go up against the almighty Nissan GT-R. It’s true that there’s a certain market segment that needs satisfaction when it comes to convertible rides, but it looks like Nissan doesn’t want to bother with opening the top of its GT-R.

But don’t you worry, ’cause California’s Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) has decided to take care of that. Don’t get excited too soon, since the company is just showing Photoshops of the convertible Nissan project, which is supposed to be available in “three designs” – an idea not detailed or explained by the builder, but I’m guessing this is a reference to the existence or not of a fixed roll bar and/or double hump behind the driver and passenger – any of which you’ll have to custom order first.

But, first you have to decide if you’re liking the Nissan rides in them pictures. Is it cool or not?