Nissan GT-R LM900 by Litchfield

17 Mar 2014 6:39 pm | Cars, Nissan

I see no point in fiddling around and tuning the Nissan GT-R, but some may disagree, like UK-based Litchfield garage. After 15 years in the performance car after-market business, they’ve decided to work their magic on a 2009 Nissan GT-R. Long story short, if you love it an offer of £79,995 will allow you to enjoy it and drive it home. But what do you get for your money?

This Nissan is a GT-R finished in titanium grey metallic paint, featuring a matte clear vinyl wrap, a Top Secret body kit, carbon-fiber hood, and 20-inch Corr alloys. The chassis has been upgraded; a suspension kit and AP Disc brakes have been fitted, while the tuner has developed an LM900 conversion kit, comprised of new pistons and cams, ported and polished cylinder heads, Boost Logic intake manifold, 1,100cc Bosch injectors, 1,000 Bosch secondary injectors, Litchfield hi-flow fuel pumps, Syvecs ECU, 102mm Litchfield exhaust, Forge intercooler, Litchfield fuel cooler, PPG 6 speed gear kit, uprated clutch pack, and transmission cooler. 

One long and impressive list, with an added bonus: all of these mods have increased the Nissan’s engine performance, which now develops  900 hp. Inside the cabin, owners will probably love the custom leather and Alcantara-trimms, not to mention the lightweight carbon seats and a leather/Alcantara wrapped steering wheel. If you love the Stock Nissan GT-R, you’re gonna bow before this one!