Nissan GT-R Widebody by Rocket Bunny

15 Jan 2014 6:40 pm | Cars, Nissan

There’s a lot of respect, at least from my part, for the Nissan GT-R. So, this basically means “handle with care”. Japanese tuner and widebody specialist Rocket Bunny has introduced a wide-body kit for the Nissan GT-R R35 and I’m trying to decide what’s my opinion about it.

Obviously, this is one very aggressive looking car. Rocket Bunny are known for their wide-body styling and performance kits on Toyota GT 86 and Scion FR-S models, but their work on the Nissan is quite impressive. I’m sad to report there isn’t much info available about this blue beast, but the Nissan GT-R by Rocket Bunny was fitted with ultra deep-dish wheels, mean-looking riveted fenders, lowered stance and an oversized rear wing.

If the Nissan growls the way I imagine it in my head, we’ve got ourselves a sweet ride for quarter-mile races.