Nissan Versa Note by Impul Tuning

16 Apr 2013 11:29 pm | Cars, Nissan

You’re probably expecting us to come with all sorts of sleek-looking sportscars, mind-boggling hypercars, freaky motorcycles and expensive supercars. Not the case, as we’re venturing into the world of boxy-looking, slow, very fuel-efficient and lazy 4-wheelers. It’s a Nissan Note this, a car which, in North America, is sold as a 2014 Versa Note.

Luckily however, we’re delighted to say that it has received a few curvy shapes courtesy of a Japanese aftermarket brand dubbed Impul Tuning. Even though this won’t be much of a sought-after car, we’ve tried to spice up our car-dedicated section, so that enthusiasts of hot hatchbacks, if you can call it that, won’t go eye-hungry.

One thing is sure – this one definitely doesn’t look anything like the stock version. It got fitted with a full body kit, lowered and stiffened suspension, alongside a set of 17-inch alloys. The engine has received an ECU remap, while the exhaust system a bit revised. Drive-wise, the car was gifted with sturdier brakes and adjustable shock absorbers.

This project has turned out to be quite cool, though. Good job, Impul!