Porsche 911 by Carlex Design

17 Oct 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Porsche

The Polish interior specialists from Carlex Design have been working their magic on a Porsche 911. They’ve added an overall blue electric them; starting on the outside, this particular Porsche 911 has received five dual-spoke bronze alloy wheels and an aerodynamic body kit developed by Caractere Exclusive. Obviously, most of the changes can be found inside the cabin where the specialists have used as theme color just about the same hue applied on the car’s body.

Inside, the Porsche features the blue color on the seat-belts, combined with black leather upholstery as well as accents of a darker shade of blue. The tuner has also applied blue contrasting stitching and redone carbon fiber bucket seats. Looking like customized starship from Star Wars, this tuned-up ride will definitely draw a lot of attention to itself. Who could have that?