Porsche Cayenne S by Carlex Design

28 Dec 2016 3:01 am | Cars, Porsche

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Porsche Cayenne S by Carlex Design

Each Porsche Cayenne to get off the production line comes equipped with a rather luxurious and technology-packed interior designed to combine comfort with the vehicle’s sporting credentials.

For the owner of this car, their Cayenne’s interior wasn’t quite up to scratch. However, the SUV was handed over to the experts from Carlex Design who’ve outfitted the vehicle’s cabin with a plethora of luxurious new materials and finishes to make it especially striking without going too overboard. Obviously, the most apparent changes are the numerous fluorescent yellow accents that adorn the steering wheel, dashboard, door handles, center console, seat belts and stitching.

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This owner of this Cayenne then had the seats, pillars and roofliner completely retrimmed in what appears to be black alcantara with leather headrests. There’s also some carbon fiber on the center console, fresh leather across the dashboard and doors and plush carpet in the footwells and along the transmission tunnel.

Although the bright yellow isn’t to our taste, it does create a unique vibe and contrasts the largely black cabin quite well. If this was our car, we’d perhaps replace the yellow with light blue, what would you love to do?

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