Preview of the Ferrari 458 Spider by Carlex Design

26 Jun 2015 5:22 pm | Cars, Ferrari, Luxury Cars


Preview of the Ferrari 458 Spider by Carlex Design

Although this is still just a preview and the car hasn’t been modified yet, the design has been decided upon and something like this should be made by Carlex Design very soon.

And the outside the car is painted in silver.  However the most notable features are actually the beautifully designed and placed stripes, which are some of the best we have seen recently.  Really great work, Carlex.  Other exterior features include different bumpers and grilles, carbon fiber aero parts, side skirts, diffuser and front spoiler.  Carbon fiber details have been cleverly and stylishly placed.


The interior is even better.  Dark red leather is the most prominent material on the inside and the seats are absolutely astonishing.  Their design is completely new and it looks very reassuring and futuristic.  The outside sections of the seats are also red, while the inside is covered in black suede further improved by contrast stitching.  I can’t wait to see this car when it’s finished.