Purple Carbon Fiber McLaren P1 In London

21 Sep 2016 3:29 pm | Cars, McLaren

purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_02 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_01

Purple Carbon Fiber McLaren P1 In London

A purple carbon fiber McLaren P1 has just arrived streets of London. While this hybrid hypercar wasn’t originally available with an exposed carbon fiber skin, McLaren later announced it as an expensive option for already-delivered cars. While it isn’t known how many more P1s are currently or soon set to receive carbon fiber bodies, we think we’ve just seen this best-looking P1 to date.

purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_03 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_05

Pictures captured here by Henry JW Wood Photography, the car made its public debut in London over the weekend before heading off to its home in Switzerland.

Completing the exterior look are the matte black wheels and yellow brake calipers.

Few people outside of McLaren or the select few owners know how much it costs to have a P1 converted to exposed carbon but inevitably, it’s well into the six digit range, but the car is looking great with purple.

purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_07 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_08 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_03 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_05 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_06 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_02 purple_carbon_fiber_mclaren_p1_01