Purple Lamborghini Aventador Is Really Unique

31 Aug 2016 4:15 pm | Cars, Lamborghini

purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_3 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_2 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker-110709_1

Purple Lamborghini Aventador Is Really Unique

The dullest Aventador painted in gloss black and fitted with silver wheels stands out more than most other supercars. But for customers looking for something even more eye-catching Lambo, the world of aftermarket Lamborghini tuning is the way to go and no one does it better than the Japanese tuning company.

Most are quite familiar with the work of Liberty Walk and its widebody kit for the Lamborghini Aventador. sometimes it looks incredible.

purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_4 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_5 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_6

This particular Aventador comes courtesy of EXE and features a Liberty Walk kit which in its own right, looks quite good. Even the purple paint isn’t too over-the-top, harking back to the legendary Lamborghini Diablo.

Where things fall down after the bright purple wheels from Forgiato. Matching a black car with black wheels looks great. What do you think this unique Lamborghini Aventador?

purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_6 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_8 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_10 purple-lamborghini-aventador-with-liberty-walk-kit-for-the-japanese-joker_9