Range Rover Evoque by Kahn Design

24 Apr 2015 12:20 pm | Cars, Land Rover


Range Rover Evoque by Kahn Design : Project Kahn RS250, as it is officially called, is consisted of a number of stunning visual upgrades. This model has only one color available, but looking at it we have to wonder why anyone would choose any other. The Volcanic Rock Satin is, at the same time, elegant and aggressive, giving this car a very unique look. However, the wing mirrors and roof are black, as are the 22-inch wheels topped by wheel arches with very large flares.

To complement the new look, the Evoque received a new bumper and grille at the front and a new bumper at the back as well as a roof spoiler. Huge wheels show us that this is by no means an off-road car, so lowering the suspension by 25 mm is no surprise from the practical point of view and a great visual upgrade which gave a lot of aggression to the overall design.

The interior features abundantly used Oxblood red leather with custom stitching which looks surprisingly well paired up with stainless steel details.