Range Rover Evoque by Prior Design

31 May 2013 3:49 am | Cars, Land Rover

The Range Rover Evoque is quite an interesting car, an interesting SUV to be precise, and a great looking car. Prior Design wants it better – the guys have recently come up with a nice wide body kit for it.

The aerodynamic body kit is, according to Prior Design, compatible with all Evoque 5D models, and includes front / rear widenings, new side skirts and front / rear spoilers. These parts are entirely crafted from dura-flex fiber reinforced plastic, otherwise known as FRP – as an added bonus, they’re very easy to install as well. In addition, the Evoque you’ll be seeing in the following gallery sports 22-inch ADV.1 alloy wheels wrapped in 295/30 R22 rubbers. It also comes with a KW coilover variant 1 inox-line suspension.

The project was weirdly named PD650 and can be yours at €6,900. The price includes the cost of the mounting material. If you’re ready to pay a little bit more, Prior Design will be installing and painting it accordingly.