Rolls Royce Ghost San Mortiz by Onyx

19 May 2015 5:24 pm | Cars, Luxury Cars, Rolls Royce



Rolls Royce Ghost San Mortiz by Onyx

The Rolls Royce Ghost has always reminded me of an elegant lounge. It seemed better suited for a car show than on the streets, where it seemed out of place, mostly due to the fact that it just looks TOO elegant.

Well, Onyx have decided to improve the plush vehicle further and move away from their Range Rover designs for a moment. Their take on the Rolls Royce Ghost San Moritz shows extensive changes which utilize new wheels, different body kit and even an increase in power rating.

The body kit includes a new front bumper with LED lights, side skirts, boot lid spoiler and a diffuser with all new exhaust pipes. Use of carbon fiber is extensive. As a final touch they added silver 22” wheels.


An increase in power rating is not as evident as the styling changes. This is so for three possible reasons. First off, the original car included a V12 engine which provided 563 hp to play with so it was by no means sluggish. Therefore, there was no need for a massive upgrade. Secondly, it is a high class car, not a racer. It needs to have a capable engine, which the V2 from BMW most certainly is, but it needn’t, or rather, won’t be breaking any track records any time soon. Lastly, this leaves room for Onyx to toy with Rolls Royce models and give us something different in the future, especially having in mind that they are working on tuning Wraith and Phantom as well.