Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II by Office-K

9 Jun 2015 2:39 am | Cars, Rolls Royce


Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II by Office-K

We have no idea how the Silver Spirit II came to be tuned by Office-K. They are known for upgrading exotic super cars with different looks, shapes and prices. Anyway, this creation might not be cool everyone’s liking, but it is surely unique.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II by Office-K has all the new unique front and rear bumpers, bulky side skirts, flared wheel arches and a new vented hood. Even though chrome should pretty much feel at home on a Rolls Royce, the chrome side vents somehow feel out of place. Speaking of things which are out of place, the 20-inch wheels really do draw a lot of attention.


On the inside, things are a little better. The first look at the interior and you see that it is just as a Rolls Royce should be. It is extremely lush and even in pictures it feels comfortable. Huge leather seats with surprisingly big armrests and walnut dashboard look very luxurious.