SEMA 2012: Bentley Continental GT by Slek Designs

12 Nov 2012 9:31 am | Auto Shows, Bentley, Cars

Slek Designs have recently come up with a modified Bentley Continental GT which they’ve unveiled at the 2012 SEMA Show. Created for Sector 7 Motoring Group, this stunner has been immortalized by 1013MM’s John Zhang.

Through a series of carefully shot photographs, the artist has managed to capture the essence of the car on the city streets in a totally unique way, highlighting its rather simple paintjob. Mostly finished in black, the Bentley features carbon fiber parts on the vented hood and grille, alongside a huge set of HRE wheels with wide pip.

Zhang, the author of the photos, describes: “The car is unique in a sense that it’s a Bentley with lots of carbon fiber on it. Talk about big baller. I must emphasize that shooting a black car with chrome wheels at night really sucks. With the addition of bad ambient lighting, it makes for a post processing nightmare. I was forced to work with what I was given.”

Slek Designs have successfully extracted an American magnate out of a decent British gentleman.