SEMA 2012: Ford Mustang Mach40 by Eckert Rod Shop

4 Nov 2012 8:33 pm | Auto Shows, Cars, Ford, Shows

A lot of one-off Mustangs have been unveiled at the 2012 SEMA Show but the one you’re about to see right now is truly unique. A company called Eckert Rod Shop has come up with the amazing Ford Mustang Mach40, which combines a 1969 Mach 1 with a 2006 GT40 that has 850 horsepower ready to be unleashed on the streets.

The one-off Mach40 was designed as an eye catching supercar that’s going to turn a lot of heads on the streets. It’s based on the Mach 1 platform and features an upgraded version of the 5.4L engine from the GT40 which received a massive Wipple 4 liter supercharger and drive by wire throttle.

The car was also converted to a flex fuel system and the finished “mix” meant a power boost from 600 to 850 HP. We don’t have any performance figures of this muscle car but these photos will surely make you love it.

[Eckert Rod Shop]