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McLaren 570GT With New Innovative Wrap Option

By : Kevin | 5 Apr 2017 4:09 am | Cars, McLaren

McLaren 570GT With New Innovative Wrap Option McLaren finally steps up its game with a new, revolutionary wrap option for the 570GT. The new Feather Wrap is now finally available for customers that want to celebrate the sheer genius of nature with their 570GT. MSO, the company’s bespoke division, dedicates 300 hours for creating this exciting layer of aero perfection by hand, applying nearly 10,000 carbon-veined artificial feathers to the vehicle’s body. Measuring seven centimeters long and covered with a…

2017 McLaren 570GT

By : Kevin | 25 Feb 2016 1:38 am | Cars, McLaren

2017 McLaren 570GT McLaren was planning to launch a grand touring model within its Sports Series, and now McLaren has finally confirmed the GT’s that will arrival. The 570GT is set to serve as the sensible brother to the 570S coupe and also the upcoming Sports Series spider, with a retuned and changed some suspension and more luggage space. The official line is that the GT is designed to be “the most luxurious and relaxing of any McLaren ever” although…