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2019 BMW Z4 Review: Better than a Boxster to drive?

By : Kevin | 7 Jan 2019 8:59 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured

The BMW Z4 enters a third full model generation this year, getting lower, wider, faster and better-equipped than any of its predecessors. But is the latest version, which switches back to a cloth-top hood from the folding metal roof of the last Z4, and comes in BMW’s M Performance-branded form to boot, finally the driver’s car to really challenge the perennially brilliant Porsche 718 Boxster S? Matt Saunders took to Lisbon’s best roads to find out.

BMW Z4 Rampant by Carlex Design

By : Kevin | 2 Jun 2015 7:24 pm | BMW, Cars

BMW Z4 Rampant by Carlex Design Carlex design is a company that usually deals with interior modifications and they sure do know what they are doing. So, what do you do when you have an outstanding idea for interior upgrade, but the exterior doesn’t go well with it? You make the BMW Z4 Rampant. I’m a Mercedes kind of a guy, but the Z series BMWs have always been something I love. The Z4 is an amazing successor to the…

BMW Z4 by AC Schnitzer

By : Kevin | 25 Mar 2015 12:46 pm | BMW, Cars

BMW specialist AC Schnitzer took the wraps off one of the fastest open-top sports car they’ve ever released onto the streets. This diesel-powered BMW Z4 is like anything you would have expected, and that’s what’s interesting about it. The AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 is a powerful car that goes really, really fast, and that’s part of a successful recipe! AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 Diesel can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of…

BMW Z4 by Precision Sport Industries

By : Kevin | 13 Jan 2015 6:33 pm | BMW, Cars

The BMW team is quite stubborn, as it has yet to provide us with a Z4 M of the latest generation, but no matter. Some people have decided to take the matter into their own hands, and that’s how this yellow BMW Z4 by Precision Sport Industries has come to life. I doubt the German engineers and designers would agree with the tuner’s work, but until they come up with something better, they simply need to sit down and keep…

BMW Z4 by Varis

By : Kevin | 12 Jan 2015 6:29 pm | BMW, Cars

Some say you ccan tell about a products value or end-result just by imagining it, once the idea has come out. I’m not sure about that, but the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 is set to kick off soon, so we’ll have a chance to drool at some pretty serious end-results. Tuning firm Varis has just released a selection of images, previewing their serious work and crazy wide body-kit developed for the BMW Z4. Alongside the four massively flared arches, the…

BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics & SR Auto Collaborate

By : Kevin | 21 Oct 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars

This is a rare sight! The extremely sporty BMW Z4 was a collaborating project between Duke Dynamics and the experts at SR Auto Group, now showing off a new wide body-kit, courtesy of Duke Dynamics. The new body lines were possible via a new front bumper, honeycomb mesh, new wide front and wide rear fenders, side skirts and rear bumper, while the vented hood was made of lightweight carbon fiber. At the back, the rear diffuser was inspired and developed…

BMW Z4 by Carlex Design

By : Kevin | 10 Oct 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars

Anyone remember the BMW Z4? Well, the people at Carlex Design do, and they thought it was about time for a cosmetic treatment both inside and out for this German looker. After being totally impressed by their steampunk themed Z4, the garage returns with the Z4 Red Carbonic; it features a series of red and carbon fiber accents, beautifully contrasting with the pearl white exterior and matching the red five double-spoke alloy wheels, as well as the BMW badges. As…

BMW Z4 Steampunk by Carlex Design

By : Kevin | 1 Aug 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars

The Carlex Design garage  has modified a BMW Z4 and added a steampunk theme, resulting in a unique BMW and an overall vintage look. As per usual, the tuner’s attention to details is beyond approach. The special roadster now features a theme inspired by a sub-genre of science fiction, with the team using a combination of what appears to be copper for the roll bars behind the seats, the door handles, transmission tunnel and sections of the dashboard, as well.…

BMW Z4M by Slek Designs

By : Kevin | 23 Jun 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars

There’s a lot of people going totally bonkers and enjoying every sound of BMW M-madness, but the sad truth is that BMW still refuses to offer a true M variant of the current second-generation BMW Z4, so why not take matters into our own hands? This BMW Z4M has been thoroughly upgraded by the team at Slek Designs. What do you think? The BMW now features a complete custom carbon fiber body-kit, adding flared wheel arches, a prominent duck-tail style spoiler,…

BMW Z4 M by European Auto Source

By : Kevin | 20 Mar 2014 6:35 pm | BMW, Cars

I’m a sucker for dark colors and beast rides, but the car the crew at European Auto Source came up with is definitely up my alley. Check out this simple looking yet mind-blowing BMW Z4 M. Sure, the wheels looks great, but the dramatic visual enhancements give this BMW a Fast and Furious vibe. Hey, I’m betting we’d all love to drive this German sports car to the limit. The sleek white BMW features a set of double 7-spoke alloys,…