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MSO Unveils McLaren 720S in Geneva

By : Kevin | 21 Mar 2017 3:32 am | Cars, McLaren

   MSO Unveils McLaren 720S in Geneva McLaren’s Super Series introduction at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the automaker’s special customization division, MSO, has unveiled this mind blowing ‘Velocity’ theme for the McLaren 720S. The Velocity paint theme is more than enough to get anyone daydreaming, with two pearlescent hues of red on the front and upper body panels, and also on the carbon fiber bonnet, which fade into a Volcano Red shade on the sides and rear end of…

2016 802HP Audi S8 Talladega R By MTM

By : Kevin | 29 May 2016 2:22 pm | Audi, Cars

2016 802HP Audi S8 Talladega R By MTM In the midst of all the anniversaries and celebrations automakers have lined up for this year, it’s easy to forget that one model is actually celebrating an anniversary of its own in 2016. Audi has yet to make a big fuss about it, so let me do the honors. The Audi S8 is turning 20 years old this year. Yes, it was first introduced in 1996 as Audi’s answer to the growing…