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BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

By : Kevin | 23 Jun 2015 7:13 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars

BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap We have already featured several creations by Impressive Wrap, two of which were pretty controversial, since the cars were wrapped in materials which render them pretty useless in the outside world.  However, guys from the company really know what they’re doing and all of their cars, including the two, look absolutely amazing. When they opted to deal with the BMW i8’s looks we thought we were in for something special and we were absolutely right. …

2015 Mustang GT by Impressive Wrap

By : Kevin | 12 Jun 2015 4:07 pm | Cars, Ford

2015 Mustang GT by Impressive Wrap Another customization effort of the current Ford Mustang GT, this time from Impressive Wrap. The result is a really mean machine every part of which exudes aggression. The color is satin black chrome with stripes in mate black. The wheels go in the same direction and they are gloss black powder coated. Now, chrome finish can be a dangerous thing since it can be too conspicuous, but they have found a perfect measure for…

Ferrari 458 Challenge Race Car by Impressive Wrap

By : Kevin | 8 Apr 2015 6:17 pm | Cars, Ferrari

Motorsport liveries always get me excited. Let’s forget all about advertising and such, and think about the wild colors and unique designs. The latest example of this comes in the form of the Ferrari 458 Challenge you see before you, originally white and modified by Impressive Wraps Hong Kong. Curious much? The result is a clean livery that stands out;  this Ferrari 458 Challenge looks like a plane fighter, especially due to the comprehensive aero package it’s been fitted with.…