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2017 Nissan GT-R Refreshes GT-R Supercar, More Power

By : Kevin | 25 Mar 2016 2:38 am | Cars, Featured, Nissan

2017 Nissan GT-R Refreshes GT-R Supercar, More Power In New York, the 2017 Nissan GT-R gets a major update that imparts visuals more in line with the automaker’s current styling. Most important, the 2017 GT-R receives a bump in horsepower and with interior revisions that make it more accommodating to all on board and more stylish. Highlighting the 2017 GT-R’s exterior remake is a more aggressive and Nissan offers improved engine cooling as well as a deeper front splitter that…

Nissan GT-R by Mcchip-DKR

By : Kevin | 9 Jul 2015 6:36 pm | Cars, Nissan

Nissan GT-R by Mcchip-DKR Yes, this is yet another tuning attempt at the Nissan GT-R. This one might be a bit different, however. First of all, it is a true example of German craft, so it means that it is NOT going to let you down like some other after a few runs. Furthermore, it might actually surprise many. The main reason for this is the fact that, unlike most other tuned GT-Rs this one is actually pretty understated in…

Nissan GT-R by Prior Design

By : Kevin | 3 Jun 2015 6:34 pm | Cars, Nissan

Nissan GT-R by Prior Design No, the title isn’t wrong and yes, the car in the images before you has not been tuned by Liberty Walk. Although Liberty Walk is famous for wide body kits and although we have seen their take on the GT-R recently, this creation does come from Prior Design. The wide body kit includes loads of changes, such as front and rear bumpers, the front one boasting huge intakes, side skirts, lip spoiler and 21” alloys.…

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

By : Kevin | 4 May 2015 5:11 pm | Cars, Featured, Nissan

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk is epic! It just is. It doesn’t matter if you like tuning or not and it doesn’t matter which kind you like – this is what you thought a beast of a car looked like when you were a kid. And you were right. The Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R has been a developing project for 4 years now. Back in 2011 it received Airrex air suspension which lowered it to the height of an…

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsport has 1,400 hp

By : Kevin | 28 Apr 2015 6:19 pm | Cars, Featured, Nissan

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsport has 1,400 hp The GT-R has been tormenting its opponents on the track and especially so during ¼ mile races. Furthermore, numerous tuning companies have been making it even wilder and Jotech is probably one of the most famous GT-R tuners. So, what do you get when you take a beastly car and then give it to the ultimate tuner? You get 1,400 hp. Jotech offers loads of different packages, all of which are absolutely…

Nissan GT-R by Exclusive Motoring

By : Kevin | 31 Mar 2015 6:12 pm | Cars, Nissan

Miami-based tuner Exclusive Motoring has come up with this: a new Nissan GT-R wide body project. The garage achieved such incredible beauty by  using the very finest aftermarket parts available. The body-kit actually comes from the wide body experts at Liberty Walk, and the wheels from Forgiato. Didn’t you recognize their style? This is possibly the meanest looking Nissan GT-R in the world, and I actually love that grey color; it is, however, based on the Black Edition GT-R. Exclusive…

Nissan GT-R Ultimate Track Edition by Jotech

By : Kevin | 9 Jan 2015 12:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

The people at Jotech have a pretty vivid imagination; they have to, to come up with this project. They created some of the most outrageous Nissan GT-R super-cars on the planet and the following is probably the most impressive to date. The 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine has been stroked to 4.3-litres, and fitted with new HKS twin-turbochargers, as well as a fully built HKS GR6 transmission. There’s also a front mount GReddy intercooler, custom air intakes, an Akrapovic titanium exhaust…

Nissan GT-R JCR Edition by Revozport

By : Kevin | 26 Aug 2014 6:43 pm | Cars, Nissan
Nissan GT-R by Revozport
Nissan GT-R by Revozport
Nissan GT-R by Revozport

This dark and cool beast is the Nissan GT-R JCR Edition by Revozport, the tuning garage’s latest project. The tuner has developed a new aero-kit for the well anticipated JCR GT-R brand. ‘JCR’ is the brand created by renowned British Le Mans Racing Driver Jonny Cocker, who decided to have RevoZport to be his brand aero-kit partner. The JCR aerokit was tested in the most advanced full scale wind tunnel, usually reserved only for Race teams and OEM manufacturers in…

2154 Nissan GT-R by SR Auto Group

By : Kevin | 26 Jun 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Anyone remember the Elysium Nissan? Yup, this is it: the 2154 Nissan GT-R. Canadian tuner SR Auto Group managed to get a hold of the battered and scarred machine, and fitted it with some custom alloys, but just any wheels. This Nissan, looking like it’s been built for the zombie apocalypse, is now featuring a set of PUR Wheels’ 2WO, coated in a layer of fake rust. Sweet, aren’t they? The R35 GT-R is the coolest high-performance car Nissan has ever made,…

Nissan GT-R by Vossen

By : Kevin | 17 Jun 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Miami custom wheel specialists Vossen have always impressed us with their cool looking products, and ‘m quite a few of those smooth rides passing us by on the streets are riding on their products. Vossen has recently launched a new set of race-ready alloys, called VFS-2, and what better way to promote them than being featured on a Nissan GT-R, and what an awesome Nissan it is! This particular GT-R is a rear-wheel drive conversion built by South Side Performance and…