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Lamborghini Aventador-V Zaragoza by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 27 Apr 2015 12:56 am | Cars, Lamborghini

Lamborghini Aventador-V Zaragoza by Vorsteiner Vorsteiner’s attempts of improving the Lamborghini Aventador are mainly regarding the visual aspect of the car and they seem to be a work in progress. However, unlike several other examples, their improved Lamborghini Aventador is by no means an exaggerated abomination, but it rather consists of tastefully selected additions which only improve an already amazing car. The Aventador-V, as they call it, has so far received a new front spoiler and rear wing made of…

BMW M6 GTS-V by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 19 Mar 2015 12:46 pm | BMW, Cars

American tuner Vorsteiner is always  getting some cool surprise ready; their latest is this new visual and aerodynamic package for the BMW M6, dubbed the Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW M6. The vehicle includes three eye-catching new visual elements, adding to the menacing stance of the Bavarian ride. The luxurious, high-performance German two-door coupe now features a new GTS-V front splitter, made from carbon fibre constructed using the pre-preg method and keeping to the discreet styling technique Vorsteiner products we’ve been used…

Vorsteiner BMW M6 Gran Coupe by R1 Motorsport

By : Kevin | 20 Feb 2015 12:40 pm | BMW, Cars

The guys from Royal 1 Motorsport wanted to prove they could improve upon Vorsteiner’s work, so they came up with the perfect showcase of their BMW M6 styling kit on a gorgeous Gran Coupe. Please note that the grey four-door coupe rides on a stunning set of unique ADV1 alloys. This combination should have letf people completely satisfied, but no. The BMW M6 rides on ADV15 M.V2 wheels, in gloss bronze, measuring 21-inch in diameter. The Vorsteiner BMW M6 Gran…

Audi S5 V-FF 102 by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 15 Dec 2014 6:04 pm | Audi, Cars

The tuners at Vorsteiner are really keeping busy these days, with numerous projects on their hands amazing everyone on the market. However, the garage is keeping at it and has releasde a “mini” tuning project for the Audi S5. As you can easily see, the single change made to the Audi was the replacement of the wheels, but that doesn’t mean the vehicle is not worth the attention. The purpose was to promote Vorsteiner’s new V-FF 102 Flow Forged Wheels.…

BMW M4 GTRS by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 28 Nov 2014 6:05 pm | BMW, Cars

Aftermarket specialist Vorsteiner has released an extensive gallery for the BMW M4 GTRS wide body-kit, and it’s pretty much drool-inducing. Their package was originally unveiled at SEMA and represents a follow-up to Vorsteiner’s GTS kit, only with more added awesomeness. Carbon fiber was the tuner’s preferred material, since it was used for all the body enhancements, starting at the front where the new bumper comes with a built-in splitter. The ventilated front fenders and aero side blade elements are also…

BMW M3 & M4 by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 25 Sep 2014 6:14 pm | BMW, Cars

US tuning garage Vorsteiner has released a GTS package for the BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. That’s right, this is a two-for-one offer, so to speak! There’s enough aggressiveness and automotive beauty for anyone. This package focuses on the GTS front add-on spoiler, designed to attach onto the factory M bumpers of the M3 and M4. It was constructed out of carbon fiber and is functional as well as beautiful, adding downforce to the front end of the vehicle.…

BMW M6 by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 15 Sep 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars

The BMW M6 has been quite popular since it was first introduce to petrol-heads everywhere. Aftermarket tuners have been improving upon the German car for a while non, but none shall surpass the Vorsteiner garage. I mean, just look at that black beast and tell me: isn’t it simply awesome? Them blue caliper get me excited, although I”m not really sure why. I just gotta have this BMW! The tuner developed an Aero Package for the BMW M6, which includes…

BMW F8x M3 and M4 by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 9 Sep 2014 6:50 pm | BMW, Cars

Expert American sports car and super-car tuner Vorsteiner have developed a carbon fiber front spoiler for the new 2014 BMW M3 and M4 Coupe vehicles. As per usual, the tuner’s custom parts not only add some extra aggression and personality to the Bavarian ride, but also increase down-force at the front end. The order books for the new splitter are open, while next week Vorsteiner will reveal its carbon fiber rear diffuser for the pairing; so, it pays to wait.…

Mercedes CLS63 AMG by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 5 Aug 2014 6:19 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

Vorsteiner released today one of the most incredible pics ever, representing their body-kit for the Mercedes CLS63 AMG. The German, high-performance, four-door coupe looks stunning, and that’s mostly due toe the fact that Vorsteiner’s body-kit includes a front spoiler, side skirts, a modified rear apron with an integrated diffuser and a boot lid spoiler. Adding to the new aerodynamic package, there’s also a set of 21-inch wheels, measuring 21 x 9 at the front and 21 x 11 at the…

BMW M6 F13 GTS-V by Vorsteiner

By : Kevin | 31 Jul 2014 12:00 pm | BMW, Cars
Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW M6 F13
Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW M6 F13
Vorsteiner GTS-V BMW M6 F13

Today we get to enjoy another beautiful custom BMW courtesy of the talented team at Vorsteiner. The garage has released details about their latest tuning project based on BMW M6 F13 Coupe, with only styling modifications included, such as a new front spoiler, aero side blades, a modified rear diffuser and a deck lid spoiler. This fine looking car is beautifully complemented by a set of Special Edition Forged VSE-003 Forged Monoblocks – 9.5J x 21 at the front and…