Tesla Model S by T Sportline

17 Mar 2014 12:22 pm | Cars, Tesla

When talking about cars, the coolest one is probably the most expensive. Seems about right, but we also know that official stock products are not necessarily enough for you and me. The tuning universe is practically unlimited, a fact easily proven by T Sportline. The tuner has been working on customizing a Tesla and transforming it into the most expensive Model S in the world.

The Tesla was actually a joint effort between T Sportline and AI&ED’s Autosound, with a price tag of $205,820, approximately double than you’d usually pay for the base MSRP of the 85kWh Model S Performance. There’s no point in asking why would anyone pay that much for customization, since we’re all passionate about tuned rides, so I invite you to go down the list and see for yourselves, in detail, what the T Sportline Model S is showing off and how much it costs. Worth mentioning are the $7,500 gold-colored 21-inch alloy wheels, the $6,000 3M foil wrap and the $9,000 audio upgrade.