Tesla Model S by Unplugged Performance

30 Jul 2014 6:17 pm | Cars, Tesla

As you probably remember, the team at Unplugged Performance promised some technical upgrades and improvements  for the Tesla Model S models. The time has come for you to enjoy them and check out the official body-kit, since standard Tesla vehicles are becoming less impressive as we see more of them passing us by on the streets. Unplugged Performance is offering a fairly affordable way of giving your Model S some more street cred, and ride on a custom set of bigger alloys.

The Tesla kit is comprised out of a front splitter/rear diffuser setup, lower side skirts, a boot lid spoiler and a set of sportier looking headlights. There’s also a completely redesigned front bumper, but it isn’t available for your enjoyment in the pictures below. Overall, this Tesla ride could easily be considered a sport version of the Model S, although I could easily go for an official version from the Tesla company. What are your thoughts on this one?