Tesla Model S by Wheels Boutique

17 Jul 2014 6:47 pm | Cars, Tesla

Automaker Tesla Motors has had incredible success with its first major production car, the Model S. It features advanced electrical systems, as well as a beautiful, sleek and sporty overall design; to simply put it, the electric sedan is exceptional. I’m sure some of you would love nothing more than a V8 under that bonnet, to match them incredible looks, but for now the heavily raked windscreen and panoramic sunroof will just have to do.

There’s always room for improvement, as the team at Wheels Boutique have just proved. This black Tesla Model S has been slightly altered, as it’s now riding on a set of ADV.1 wheels, finished in matte titanium and featuring polished gunmetal grey lips. As an added bonus, the badges have been blacked-out. Not much, but these mods have a powerful effect on petrol-heads. Am I right?