Tesla Model S XchangE by Rinspeed

19 Feb 2014 6:44 pm | Cars, Tesla

Given the Swiss aftermarket specialist’ thirst for new and innovative gadgets and technology, it’s safe to say they went beyond tuning with this one. Rinspeed has plans to unveil their approach to the Tesla Model S at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The complete makeover of the electric sedan was done under the name of autonomous driving.

This particular Tesla was dubbed XchangE, and it’s actually a study meant to show the benefits of a car whose interior was designed from the ground up to take advantage of all the spare time the driver receives. The seats now resemble those you find in the business class and can also swivel, while the standard Tesla tablet-dashboard has been completely modified. I find very interesting that the steering wheel can be moved alonged the width of the dashboard – it kinda changes the meaning of “Honey, take the wheel!” – while the dash itself features an all-display fascia. I see no point for the Patravi TravelTec wristwatch, but I guess it could come in handy.

Aside for the cool fashion accessory mentioned before, inside the cabin you’ll also find a 32-inch 4K monitor in the rear, a Harman infotainment system, Car2X communications, which enables Cloud communication. Wherever you look, you get completely blown away, even up, as the intelligent plexiglass roof in unique, to say the least, while the 20-inch Borbet rims add to the coolness of the ride. No mention of technical mods, but that doesn’t really upset me. What I’m wondering is this: is it’s autonomous and I enjoy my twitter posts while the car drives itself, am I still a driver? And, is it still a car or a personalized train carriage for the road?