Triumph Speed Triple 1050 by FCR

23 Aug 2013 12:00 pm | Bikes, Triumph

What could I say about Triumph that’s not been said already? How could I ever make this legendary brand justice? I can’t, so I won’t bother. It’s Triumph! If you don’t get that, there’s no use talking about it anymore. But, if you don’t know or understand the past, Triumph gives you a chance to be a part of the brand’s future; and when I say Triumph, I mean FCR. The new 1050 beast has come a long way from the earlier Triumph Speed Triple models by raising the bar even higher as far as styling is concerned. As always, there is someone out there thinking that they could improve on that, and so they did. FCR customizer has done it with the 1050.

Alright, enough running around the bushes, let’s talk business. FCR are quite talented regarding minute details and subtle bike customizing; they first ditched the OEM headlight and installed an V-Rod-type headlight – a regular feature on such a bike. Afterwards, the whole supporting structure of the front end was discarded and replaced with a in-house built structure, for both headlight and instrument cluster, which in turn allowed for a more extreme and FCR personalized approach, like say the golden mirror trim on the headlight assembly.

The French team kept going, adding that stunning race paint scheme and the color on the license plate holder and the Mirra rims – that golden, limited-edition MV Agusta color. Furthermore, the rear rim fits perfectly into the design of the unique frame’s flowing lines. LSL and Rizoma were responsible for various bits and pieces of the hand and foot controls, while Goodridge aircraft-grade hoses were used for the brake lines. The Arrow slip-on silencer was also FCR built and loaded at the end of matching custom headers.

So, this is it! Triumph new-comers rejoice and enjoy the FCR touch on this superb Triumph Speed Triple 1050; if you’re looking for aggressive and sleek design, you have come to the right place.