1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead by Thunderbike

19 Oct 2012 6:33 pm | Bikes, Harley Davidson

The German Harley-Davidson specialists at Thunderbike are renowned for their PainTTless bike which won the last AMD Championship, as well as a plethora of other custom made motorcycles. They have now focused their attention on a 1951 Harley, fitting it with part of their expertise.

This 1951 Harley-Davidson EL, known as the FlyingPan, is a Hydra-Glide with a stunning high compression Panhead engine. Thunderbike have rebuilt its engine and fitted it with a brand new S&S manifold, Custom Cycle Engineering rocker covers and an S&S Super E carburetor kit.

They have also included something signed W&W – the springer fork, crafted according to vintage styles. Apart from these, Thunderbike have added further inhouse products, like the rear fender, oil tank, wheels and exhaust system. The gas tank may catch your eyes, if you’re a Harley specialist, as it’s a stock Sportster tank which perfectly assorts to the lines of the Panhead.

In addition, they’ve fitted this 1951 Harley-Davidson with a seat handcrafted by artisan leather workers Maas Sitzleder and a Kruse Design black and orange paintjob.