2013 Lexus GS by Skipper

17 Dec 2012 7:52 am | Cars, Lexus

One of the new Japanese cars eager to receive new styling upgrades and engine tweaks is the 2013 Lexus GS. This model really is a nice car to work on, therefore the Japanese tuning specialist Skipper has chosen to fit it with new parts.

The guys are able to trim the GS with a new carbon fiber front lip spoiler, or one that matches the car’s paintjob. They can also mount a carbon fiber front bumper cover, to go with the design. Additionally, the package includes a carbon fiber trunk decal, roof spoiler, exhaust covers and side skirts.

Are they going to be available in the United States as well? Well, to be honest, we have no clue, but they will set you back around $5,000, or Yen 425,500.