2013 Scion FR-S Concept One by Bulletproof Automotive

4 Nov 2013 8:00 pm | Builds, Cars, Toyota

If you haven’t found out by know – quick, get some info on it – the four modified Scion FR-Ss heading to SEMA 2013 auto show, but there’s an extra cool Scion FR-S out there, waiting for your attention and it’s the most outlandish one being released. Dubbed the Scion FR-S Concept One, this awesome vehicle is the result of Bulletproof Automotive efforts; this is truly a unique creation and a pure racing car at that – from the outside – although the interior looks comfy enough while featuring some weight saving ideas. Sounds just about perfect!

Now, first of all I’d have to tell you that it was quite the challenge to convince Scion in allowing Bulletproof Automotive to fiddle around with their work and create the FR-S Concept One, but I think even Scion agrees the transformation was a success. The Scion FR-S Concept One was built for one thing and one thing only: to become a worthy baby brother to the mighty Lexus LFA. Now, you’ve heard of this one, haven’t you? Please, for the love of God, don’t tell me you haven’t!

And what do you know? The Scion FR-S Concept One did accomplish its mission and it now features even more impressive numbers than its big brother. The turbocharged engine was heavily modified, which resulted in the Concept One making use of an impressive 500 hp; while the Scion weighs less than 3000lbs, this means that the power-to-weight ratio is better than that of a stock Lexus LFA – if you could ever call the LFA stock! Speaking of lightweight, Bulletproof Automotive used a host of lightweight materials – carbon fiber was utilized throughout the interior while all the bodywork is now constructed from the same lightweight material – to achieve such impressive results. Not to mention that the overall look – and the paint-job – paint a Fast and Furious-like mental picture.