2014 Jaguar XFR-S HPE650 by Hennessey

24 Nov 2014 6:09 pm | Cars, Jaguar

Jaguar’s new models disappoint me. Sure, they’re menacing, aggresive, mast and awesome t olook at, but it seems to me they’re resembling more and more the rest of European cars – with a slight spill of Australian muscle in the mix. Aside from my conservative thoughts, a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine attached to the Jaguar XFR-S sounds just about perfect; but not to some people.

In typical Hennessey Performance fashion however, the American firm offers a power upgrade for the car dubbed the HPE650. This upgrade helps the Jaguar XFR-S deliver a total of 650 hp at 6300 rpm. The well-known team modified the air intake system and tuned the ECU for that to become a reality. So, know that scary front grille will match this stylish sedans’ performance and take you on a wild ride. I think this is closer to what Jaguar initially had in mind, right?