2015 Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design

22 Jul 2015 5:31 am | Cars, Land Rover


2015 Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design 

 It is not very common to see that a tuned SUV actually remains an SUV. Even the best among them usually become beasts with lots of horsepower which usually needs to be controlled by stiffer suspension and significant lowering. However, this Land Rover Defender is a proper off road car.


It is powered by a not really massive, but utterly sufficient 2.2 TDCI; it features 16 inch wheels; and it has higher suspension, steering dampers and gas shocks. This is a proper off road car.

The styling package and the outside is consisted of a new front bumper, military headlights and grill, sumpguard, new hood vents, new exhaust system and red brake calipers.

On the inside you will love the massive and very supportive leather folding seats, glove box placed centrally, vented foot pedals, Harris Tweed and red details. On the outside the car is a ragged off-roader, while on the inside it is a plush family car.