2015 SRT Viper Convertible Madusa by Prefix

23 Jul 2014 6:54 pm | Cars, Dodge

The SRT Viper is not really your most best selling car, nor is it practical or worthy of every day use. However, this incredible American super-car still remains an icon, and although a convertible version hasn’t been released, aftermarket company Prefix has just previewed its upcoming SRT Viper Convertible dubbed the Prefix Medusa. It’s interesting to see thart the tuner opted out for a fabric soft top instead of the traditional hard top.

The Prefix Madusa Viper features a slightly redesigned trunk section to accommodate the roof when retracted, but you can forget about shopping. According to the tuner, an initial run of just 10 examples will be produced; we’ll have to wait and see if those sell better. The Viper also features ‘Medusa’ badging in smoked chrome on the sides of the car, painted X braces and coil covers to match the exterior of the car, as well as special Medusa floor mats.

Prefix offers customers the possibility of fully customizing their rides, but it will cost you $35,000 to have a regular SRT Viper converted into a Prefix Medusa. Translated, this means you can have a convertible, fifth-generation Viper for about $140,000. Pricy!