772 HP Novitec Gives Ferrari 488 GTB A Wide Body Looks

31 May 2017 4:55 am | Cars, Ferrari

772 HP Novitec Gives Ferrari 488 GTB A Wide Body Looks

The latest comes from Novitec Rosso, which has revealed a limited edition tuning package for the twin-turbo Prancing Horse.

The latest Novitec N-Largo offers a full wide-body conversion with aerodynamic enhancements made entirely out of carbon fiber. With new fenders, wheel arches, enlarged vents, bumpers, and spoilers, the 488 comes out five and a half inches wider than stock.

Filling those beefed-up wheel arches are a set of 22-inch NF6 NL alloys, fitted to a suspension dropped over an inch closer to the tarmac, with a hydraulic lift system to help it clear curbs and speed bumps.

Novitec being Novitec looks perfect, it has also massaged the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 to produce 772 horsepower and 658 lb-ft of torque – an increase of 102 hp and 97 lb-ft, respectively. That’s almost as much as the F12 TdF and the new 812 Superfast, with their twelve-cylinder engines. As a result, the German tuner says the modified Ferrari will hit 62 in just 2.8 seconds and top out at over 212 miles per hour.

The upgrades are applicable to either the fixed-roof 488 GTB or the convertible 488 Spider. But only eleven examples will be made altogether, with interior enhancements available to the customer’s specifications.