AC Schnitzer RAPTOR is the fastest MINI ever!

21 Jun 2012 12:10 pm | Cars, MINI

A lot of companies have undergone massive engineering challenges to build and mount the best aftermarket and performance parts for MINIs, and yet none of them has managed to put together a faster MINI than AC Schnitzer. The German BMW tuner has raced their MINI on the occasion of the 2012 Tuner Grand Prix, held by Sport Auto magazine – the car has managed to pull off quite an impressive time.

Reportedly name the AC Schnitzer Raptor and based on the MINI JCW Coupé, the bug has managed to achieve a 1:10.87 time – its fastest lap on the renowned Hockenheim racetrack. This time is actually 1.11 seconds faster than the fastest MINI of last year’s, a car built by the same brand – the AC Schnitzer Eagle, based on the JCW.

If this doesn’t amaze you, think again – the Raptor has managed to beat cars like the Porsche 911 GTS and the Ferrari 599 GTB, placing itself in the same category with the Pagani Zonda F.

In terms of performance, the car has a radically improved engine delivering 296 HP (221 kW) instead of the 208 HP (155 kW) courtesy of a stainless steel exhaust system with racing catalysts, turbo, intercooler and a new engine management system. The car has also been fitted with a lightweight ion battery, limited slip differential and a sports clutch.

Having been built for the racetrack, it had to be equipped with roll cage, a racing suspension with antiroll bars and has had to shed off some pounds too – the manufacturers used new door panels, rear diffuser, rear wing, luggage lid and  hood made of carbon fiber.

For the moment, the officials at AC Schnitzer have declared that the car’s value is €62,000 and that the Raptor is a concept vehicle developed as a technology platform. It remains to be seen if they decide to put a few into production.