Alfa Romeo 4C by Pogea Racing

16 Jul 2013 1:38 am | Alfa Romeo, Cars

I have to admit I don’t actually fancy this car for the performance or the feel it gives you when you press the pedal. What boggles my mind though is how it looks, because it is damn gorgeous and sexy. The Alfa Romeo 4C hasn’t even yet been put to sale though and there are already plans for its bettering.

Pogea Racing has imagined a nice aftermarket kit for the 4C Alfa centered on a boost in power. Delivering a stock 240 HP (176 kW), the 4-cylinder engine hiding under the bonnet of the 4C will reportedly be able to generate up to 415 HP (305 kW) if Pogea Racing manage to merge their ideas with the car. They will reportedly manage this by installing a new exhaust system with valve control, different tubular exhaust manifold and brand new turbochargers. The cooling systems and fuel supply will also be optimized, according to Pogea.

As for the aerodynamic kit, it will reportedly be manufactured from carbon fiber, while the boring stock wheels can be replaced by new ones, of various designs and measuring 19 or 20 inches in diameter. The cabin will also see a bit of improvement, as well as the suspension parts.