Alfa Romeo Giulietta by Novitec

21 Aug 2014 12:00 pm | Alfa Romeo, Cars

German tuner Novitec strikes again! The team obviously likes its Italian cars, which is why now they’re offering a very comprehensive package for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The 1.4 TB 16V engine hiding under the bonnet was worked upon, and now develops 141 PS (104 kW / 139 bhp), instead of 120 PS (88 kW / 118 bhp). The 1.4 MultiAir was also improved, allowing its driver to benefit from 195 PS (141 kW / 193 bhp) of Italian fun.

For the range-topper, Novited uprated the 1.8 liter turbo engine to 261 PS (192 kW / 256 bhp) and 386 Nm of torque (285 lb-ft). The Alfa Romeo Giulietta will now do the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in just 6.5 seconds and will keep on going until reaching a top speed of 251 km/h (156 mph). The tuner will also fiddle around with all 3 diesel variants of Giulietta, so no one gets left out.

Customers may have a difficult time choosing from a various range of wheels from 18-inch to 20-inches in size, sport springs that lower the suspension by 35 mm or a stainless-steel coil-over suspension with adjustable height and damper rates, as well as sport mufflers. The aero kit fitted onto the Alfa Romeo consists of a three-piece (right, left, central) front fascia lip spoiler, side skirts, and rear bumper with integrated diffuser. Not bad, team Novitec!