Alfa Romeo RZ Roadster by Vilner

30 Mar 2013 1:10 am | Alfa Romeo, Builds, Cars

Now, here’s what I call a gorgeous-looking retro-style car. An Alfa Romeo RZ Roadster, known to many automotive enthusiasts as one of the most rare case Alfa has ever manufactured, has recently been gifted with a full restoration by the Bulgarian automotive design brand Vilner.

The tuning specialists have called this the “Il Mostro” project and they tell us it was commissioned by the car’s German owner. The model was in fact built by Zagato between 1992 and 1994, and it was completely stripped off its original parts and rebuilt from bottom to top by the Bulgarian specialists.

The Alfa, which was originally fitted with composite body panels, got painted in the original red tone, while the interior has been garnished with brand new leather upholstery and carpeting. The Bulgarian brand has also fixed all the mechanical and electrical problems of the car, and further added a brand new fabric top.