Amazing Bugatti Veyron Meo Constantini Edition

22 Nov 2013 2:27 pm | Bugatti, Cars

In case you weren’t aware, renowned carmaker Bugatti is currently working on a six-part special edition of Veyrons that are built honoring certain important figures from history. The third car to join the Legends of Bugatti series was made honoring none other than Meo Constantini, who was the proud two-time winner of the Targa Floria open road endurance race held in the mountains of Sicily in the 1920s. Apart from being an exceptional race driver, Meo Constantini was also a close friend to Ettore Bugatti himself.

The exquisite Meo Constantini Bugatti Veyron is based on the Vitesse model, and so it flaunts a massive 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine that is able to dish out 1,200 horsepower. This enables a 0-62 sprint in just 2.6 seconds as well as a top speed of 253 mph, which is an exceptional performance to say the least.

But aside from its overwhelming power, this vehicle also boasts a unique and impressive appearance thanks to a beautiful French Racing Blue paint job that was applied on its carbon fiber parts. However, the aluminum parts of the Veyron were left exposed and polished for a spectacular, mirroring effect. For a touch of exclusivity, the Targa Florio route was applied on the underside of the rear wing as well as between the seats, while Constantini’s signature was embroidered onto the headrests and etched into the fuel cap. The seats were upholstered in sublime cognac and dark blue leather, but one of the most impressive additions comes in the form of several racing scenes that were laser-etched into the leather.

Limited to just 3 units worldwide, the Bugatti Veyron Meo Constantini Edition comes with a price tag of approximately $2.8 million.