Audi R8 “Project Phantom” by SR Auto Group

9 Jan 2013 1:56 am | Audi, Cars

One of the most iconic tuning kits of the famous Canadian aftermarket brands SR Auto Group is the Project Phantom, designed to fit the gorgeous Audi R8. The program, now three years old, has been recently revised and upgraded.

The changes they’ve done to the package are quite extensive and refer to practically every one of its aspects. The program starts with a staggering black exterior which replaces the previous phantom black cloak. The kit also includes a brand new set of PUR 4OUR Black Diamond Monoblock Wheels, measuring 20 inches in diameter.

The exclusivity, the sporty nature and the stunning looks the package confers to the Audi R8 are the three main reasons for which it has prevailed for three years already. And by seeing how good this refreshed model looks, we dearly hope to come across additional modifications a few more times in the future, at least.

[SR Auto Group]