Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution

11 Jul 2015 12:59 am | Audi, Cars, Featured


Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution

This is as close as you can get to getting a proper Audi RS6 DTM out on the streets. The styling and the performance are just amazing. First off, the car gets the Schmidt’s XS5 FS-Line wheels sized 21” covered with ContiSportContact SP 295/30 tires which are good for the speeds as high as 330 km/h.


And this is for the better, since the car packs an engine upgrade kit that boosts the power to 680 hp. The car also gets a new exhaust and a set of KW coilovers to help it lower down and sweep through curves confidently.

If these things weren’t enough, the car also has a unique angular exterior wrap design that is sure to make it conspicuous enough even for the people who have no idea what an RS6 is.