Audi S7 by RS Quattro & ADV1

13 Jul 2015 3:57 pm | Audi, Cars


Audi S7 by RS Quattro & ADV1

How do you improve the Audi S7? It’s already sleek, aggressive and modern, as well as really powerful. Furthermore, it’s an S, so it is bound to be even more conspicuous. So what can you do? Wheels, lowering and interior mods and DO NOT touch anything else.

The wheels are, not surprisingly, by ADV1. They are 21” ADVRSQ2 MV2 CS finished in brushed gunmetal and they work extremely well with the Audi Exclusive optional color that adorns this car. Additional lowering made the car far more appealing.


On the inside things are getting even more exclusive. The already amazingly stylish inside has been finished in black and white high-quality leather, with beautiful stitching pattern on the seats.

The powerplant has been left untouched, which is ok, if we have in mind that the car packs a 4 l V8 TFSI with 450 hp.