Bentley GT BR10-RS by Vorsteiner

31 Oct 2013 6:00 pm | Bentley, Cars

Dat a$$! There’s no rear-end on the market that has more sexy curves than a Bentley, and Vorsteiner is definitely interested, since the tuner has recently introduced a new styling program for the Bentley Continental GT. It’s looking fierce as a Predator and praise-worthy as Jenny from the block.

This Bentley has a nickname – the BR10-RS – that’s how much people love it; it’s been fitted with carbon fiber bumpers, extended side skirts, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and a carbon fiber deck lid spoiler. All the components have been created using Vorsteiner’s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber process – a.k.a. in-house – in an effort to achieve more strength and durability for the parts.

This is a Bentley so, obviously, there’s styling accessories available to fit the ride, but I’m not informed upon the price-tag of this freaky white ride. Price and value are two different things, and we all know that Bentley is priceless – such is the case here.