Bentley GTX Concept by Onyx

3 Oct 2013 7:02 pm | Bentley, Cars

The guys – and girls, hopefully – at Onyx Bespoke Automotive have returned to mesmerize us, yet again, with the fruit of their labor. Let’s bow in recognition to the dark lord that is the Bentley Continental GTX. The new upgrades from Onyx have all a beautiful balance between power upgrades, styling modifications and extensive wind tunnel testing. For you picky guys out there it has to be said that there are so many variations to the bespoke options that Onyx will provide, that the visual differences are virtually unlimited. So, feel free to create your very own, personalized vehicle..

The Onyx Bentley GTX has been put through a radical cosmetic change on the exterior, which will probably impress many customers who have moved to the marque in recent years from other sports coupes – or posible clients that probably will do that as well. The exterior design is faithful to previous designs and comprises of one of the most comprehensive and light weight products available in the market today; that could only mean one thing: full carbon and polycarbonate exterior styling package!

The front, rear & sides have all been upgraded to provide a stunning effect. The Bentley has undergone a wheel base modification – it’s now 30mm wider – while ride height has been lowered by 10 mm. The differences are now designed to provide sharper handing to work in unison with the large step forward in additional power, since the V8 under the bonnet now puts out an amazing 600 bhp. The Bentley rides on 22 inch flow forged wheels in a variety of colors – available for 2014 – including complete carbon fiber options; but don’t worry, whatever you choose, it won’t affect the Bentley’s 0-60 time of only 4.0 seconds. The interior is completely customizable as well, built to the client’s specifications and taste. I want mine darh, very dark.. as dark as possible!