Black Velvet Bentley GTC

23 Jun 2015 6:41 pm | Bentley, Cars


Black Velvet Bentley GTC

Do you remember the Maserati Ghibli covered in suede?  Yeah, we thought it looked awesome, but pretty useless too.  And we thought that he was a one-off thing that will never become common.  Apparently, we were wrong.  The same company, namely Impressive Wrap was commissioned to create a velvet wrap for the Bentley GT Convertible.  The result?

Yeah, it also looks awesome and yeah, apart from the looks it’s fairly useless.  Speaking of the looks we have to say that the choice of black color was spot on.  The car looks confident, reassuring, aggressive and cozy all at the same time.  If you’re lucky enough to get close enough to one of these cars you are sure to enjoy the soft velvet touch.


Speaking of the uselessness, it does do everything a regular car should do, but, if you are to keep the exterior in such a great condition, you should avoid subjecting your car to hard sun and any rain or snow, you should stay away from dusty roads and you should drive your car slowly so as not to have any bugs stick to your car.  Oh, and we’re not sure what you should do with birds in your area.