BMW i8 by Metro Wrapz

21 Jul 2015 6:33 am | BMW, Cars, Featured


BMW i8 by Metro Wrapz

The i8 is a car with a lot of character. Its styling lends itself incredibly well to tuning, but the car is already futuristic enough, so massive improvements are unnecessary, while just slight mods make a big impact on the looks.


What Metro Wrapz did was complement the styling with their mods. The car is wrapped into matte white wrap with carbon fiber elements. The best thing is that they just added to the styling rather than make a whole new one, so their wrap works really well with the blue accents that the i8 is instantly recognizable for. Really, I’d hate to see anyone lose the blue. The matte wrap looks rather snowy and elegant and it might be just a matter of preference choosing between the original white metallic and this matte wrap.