BMW i8 by Vossen Wheels

10 Jun 2015 4:13 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars


BMW i8 by Vossen Wheels

The BMW i8 made it ok to say you are driving a three-cylinder sports car. It combines amazing features of a turbocharger with the instant torque delivery and efficiency of an electric motor to provide a fairly futuristic ride. And the design goes well with the futuristic ideas.


Vossen Wheels took two i8s, a black one and a white one, and altered the design using their wheels. Now, you might think that just adding wheels is not much of a styling achievement, but these guys really know what they are doing. Plus they added H&R springs

The black i8 features snowy white, 22” VPS-301 wheels. They provide beautiful contrast to the dark color, but also find an accomplice in ice blue details of the exterior. The car looks very classy.


On the other hand, the white i8 features far more conspicuous red VPS-304 wheels. Some could argue that these are too much for a classy and sleek car such as the i8, but guys from Vossen Wheels have cleverly realized that the white i8 is actually far more aggressive than the black one, what with its dark accents , section behind the rear window, intakes at the front and side skirts. It looks far more edgy and far less classy than the black car, so the red wheels fit the picture perfectly.