BMW M3 Cooperation

18 Aug 2015 7:13 am | BMW, Cars


BMW M3 Cooperation

3D Design, iND Distribution, Wheels Boutique and HRE he had worked together to provide us with this amazing version of the BMW M3. Although that many companies put together might have made a proper abomination, this BMW M3 is far from that. Actually, it might be the best tuning effort on the M3 so far.


First the body kit. It consists of a front lip spoiler, thin and elegant side skirts, a different diffuser and a rear boot lid spoiler, all of which are made of carbon fiber. The choice of material goes incredibly well with the white exterior color. The same goes for a black grille and smoked headlights. Carbon fiber can also be found as a detail on mirror caps.


The most significant effect on the car’s design comes from the wheels. They are satin black HRE Classic 301 rims, which complement the design of the car both in shape and color. Once again it has been proven that a number of small details does far more for the appeal of a car them vast majority of massive changes.