BMW X4 by LIGHTWEIGHT Performance

10 Mar 2016 1:34 am | BMW, Cars, Featured


BMW X4 by LIGHTWEIGHT Performance

The BMW X4 by LIGHTWEIGHT Performance looks amazing, but there is one reason why it generates very mixed feelings. The main reason why it looks great is the fact that they have managed to create a number of subtle and appropriate additions which add up to a great result. Let’s have a look.

The car has new carbon fiber detailed front and rear spoilers and mirror caps (although you can also opt for gloss black aero parts). Most notable feature is probably the frozen grey color of the wrap used for this car. If you should ever, for some unknown reason, decide that you do not like the amazing wrap, you can safely remove it and enjoy the original paint job that will have been preserved in perfect condition thanks to the protective ceramic filling used before the car was wrapped. The second best exterior feature is the set of absolutely stunning Hartge Classic 21” rims that go with the 30 mm lower Bilstein springs.


The final upgrade comes in the form of a subtle 10 hp power boost. The car looks amazing. So, why the mixed feelings? Well, even though I love the fact that the upgrades are subtle and carefully selected so as not to go too far, the same subtlety raises the question why on earth such a set would cost 88,000 Eur.