Callaway Chevrolet Corvette Z06

22 Sep 2015 12:20 am | Cars, Chevrolet, Featured


Callaway Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Callaway has been upgrading Chevrolet cars since forever, so they really know what they are doing. They are for Chevrolet what Brabus is for Mercedes-Benz. This is why each of their creations draws lots of attention. And they really deserve it.


This is not the first C7 they have improved. The previous one received a hefty 627 hp which made it a seriously fast car. Well, this Z06 goes way further. The standard Z06 is already more powerful than Callaway’s previous tuned C7, providing their lucky owners with 650 hp. Callaway’s version of that V8 got a GenThree supercharger and a three-part intercooler. Of course, this kind of an upgrade also calls for software mods, as well as new manifold and pulleys.


All of these changes bring a pretty straightforward power boost resulting in the total number of 757 hp and 777 lb-ft of torque. This is more than what the Hellcat has, so it is no wonder that the manufacturer says that the 0 – 60 mph time is at 2.8 seconds and that the ¼-mile run takes only 10.5 seconds at the speed of 131 mph.